The state of the art CNC machines operated by qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians contribute to faultless punching, drilling, cutting, stamping and ensure the quality products, The same applies to hydraulic presses and machine tools and fixtures, for bending operations.
All tower parts go through multi-purpose CNC machines that are programmed to carry out various operations such as punching, stamping, drilling and cutting.
Hydraulic presses along with matching tools, jigs and fixtures ensure that bent items are handled without distortion. Strategically positioned cranes simplify material handling without any strain on employees.
All machines are equipped to process steel conforming to various specifications. BSEN, ASTM, JIS, DIN.
Overhead cranes along with Side & front forklift enable our smooth material handling.
For Angles and flats are processed in one pass, reducing set-up time and delivering true punching performance along with accuracy and precise manufacture components.

The latest development in Drill Line. Our Multi-Spindle CNC automated Drill Line is equipped with three drilling head.

Our Plate Process Engineered for the toughest environment, is a rugged workhorse combining 100 tons of punching power, multi-spindle carbide drilling for accurate hole production. Contoured parts are thermally cut via plasma or oxy/fuel for a large sizes plates.

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