Al-Yamamah Electric Power Towers Factory is committed to continual improvement in its Quality Management System for Design till the Supply of the Quality Products in line with the Customers’ specifications and within the timeline. We are certified with ISO 9001:2008 QMS.
We have long maintained a commitment to assure the quality by implementing a quality control and assurance system with milestone inspections to ensure a quality product & services are delivered.
The Quality pillar we believe-in
– Continuous Improvement
– Manpower Training
– Employees Participation
– Commitment to provide the best of Quality
Our Quality System is designed to enhance our business and to continually satisfy the requirement and expectations of our valued customers. With the state-of-the-art infrastructure, using latest CNC machines coupled with well trained manpower ensures repeated accuracy in the production of all components.
Quality is an integral part of manufacturing process wherein each operator ensures the quality of his own products. Specially trained inspectors, computerized testing equipments and well-planned quality assurance infrastructure back all quality efforts. In-Process inspection and Monitoring of quality is done at every stage ensuring the highest quality products and standards.
An atmosphere control quality control lab headed by the latest of the technology equipments controlling the galvanizing production quality to assure high performance and customer satisfaction.
Maintenance and backup systems ensure that process capability of machines is maintained at the planned performance standards.

Our Clients