Products range
Distribution Poles (DP)
We produced wide range of Distribution Poles (DP) up to 66V Double Circuit

Description Length (Meter) Thickness (MM)
Octagonal Distribution Poles 10 – 15  4 – 7

Lighting Poles (LP)
We produced all types of lighting poles to matched with any kind of specifications around kingdom

1. Octagonal Poles

Description Length (Meter) Thickness (MM)
Octagonal Poles 3 – 16 4 – 8

2. Conical Poles
We produce a wide range of conical and cylindrical poles with standard and specials specifications.

Description Length (Meter) Thickness (MM)
R&L High Mast 20 – 45 4– 7

4. Special products
We have facilities to supply any kind of stadium High Mast, all type of Lighting Poles and High Mast accessories, All type of decorative arms, Communication Poles and any special requirements from our clients.

Distribution Poles
This kind of pole used for Electricity power transmission and distribution for medium voltage application up to 66KV.

Lighting Poles
This kind of pole used for road illumination from narrow and internal street up to highway

High Mast
There are two kind of High Road lighting High Mast and Stadium High Mast, The road lighting High Mast used to illuminate the high ways related with Ministry of Transportation (MOT) also it can be used for Area lighting and parking lot.
The Stadium High Mast used for sporting applications and area lighting.

Our Clients